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Sony mengeluarkan Playstation Tablet

Minggu, 13 November 2011

Sony revealed two new entries in the tablet space at a press event in Tokyo today, and they're of note since they're both PlayStation Certified. The two Android 3.0 models, currently codenamed the S1 and S2, include the PlayStation Certification, allowing the systems to run certain PlayStation 1 games. I know, don't get too excited now.
You can see the two models here: the S1, which looks like a folded magazine, and the S2, which has a dual-screen clamshell design. Both are to be released this fall.

Engadget snapped a photo of Crash Bandicoot running on the S1. Because that's exactly how people have been begging to play Crash -- with controller buttons mapped onto a touchscreen.

Better games will surely come, but PS1 ports designed to be played with a controller seem hardly that compelling for Sony's new tablets.
Sony Reveals PlayStation Certified Tablets

Sony has shown designs for two touchscreen devices for release later this year, both of which will have access to “high quality first generation PlayStation titles.”

The tablets, codenamed S1 and S2, are PlayStation Certified and will presumably have access to similar games available for Xperia Play.

S1 is an iPad-type affair, a single screen with a 9.4-inch display. S2 is a clamshell device, designed for “mobile communication and entertainment,” with two 5.5-inch screens and a 1024×480 display.

S2 has been shown playing games using touch controls on the lower screen, as you can see above. A video has been released of the two devices, which shows both machines running Crash Bandicoot.

Both have Wifi, 3G and 4G access. They’ll be running Android 3.

No detail on pricing’s been released as yet.

This news comes from an unveiling event in Japan today. Check the Wall Street Journal for a liveblog.
Video: Sony unveils two PS-ready tablets for fall release | VG247

OS Android 3.0  bakal Head-to-Head sama iPad kah (dalam gaming capability)?

btw, Sony lagi rajin banget rilis gadget yang berhubungan sama Playstation yah, kemaren rilis Xperia Play sekarang ada ini 
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